Access to all of your jobsite images is available through a simple, clean, easy to use web-based software interface which is included as part of the ProjectEye service. View current project status with vivid clarity, easily access specific times and events during construction, review progress using online time-lapse playback and more.


When the user visits their ProjectEye project website they are connected to the ProjectEye network and can begin viewing project images. Access to the specific construction cameras can be made available to the entire public or easily secured using ProjectEye user account management system.


The online interface can also be branded with your corporate logo.

Select Features of the Online Interface

• Standard Calendar
• Visual Calendar
• Time Select
• Most Recent
• Zoom & Pan
• Full Screen
• Dashboard
• Project Selector

• Time-Lapse with Download    Feature

• Slideshow
• Bookmarks
• Image Download
• Print
• Email Image

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