Remote Alert is a very sophisticated, cost effective and a very robust online web based fully hosted camera management application for live streaming cameras anywhere in the world from broadband, 3G/4G and GPRS mobile phone connections.


Features of the Remote Alert Online Hosting Camera Management Application

  • Easy-to use, simple to operate, user name and password protected web-interface access Remote Alert from any computer, iPad, Android or any web-enabled phone – anywhere in the world – no software or plug-ins required to download.
  • Remote Alert is fully personalised to suite partners logos and company details. Allowing their clients and customers to log onto the fully personalised version of Remote Alert via a user name and password protected area on their company website to view, manage and operate their live video streaming cameras.
  • Hosting – Our fully managed robust servers host live video streaming cameras and 3G/4G or GPRS mobile construction project management time-lapse cameras for our partners. Our servers can allow thousands of simultaneous visitors to view a live video streaming camera event. All hosted video footage and images are securely stored, archived and saved on our servers.
  • Auto error notifications by emails to partners as well as to end users should any camera stop working – within two minutes of camera failure.
  • Visual Presets – take live control of your pan, tilt and zoom video streaming camera via the easy to operate Remote Alert PTZ camera control centre. Set up as well as change multiple numbers of camera preset views throughout a construction camera project.
  • View live camera images – streaming video – or fast updating images on Remote Alert. All images time stamped and dated. Video footage and images are fully archived for up to 30 days on our servers and remotely accessed via the Remote Alert web-interface. Archived images easy to access and manage – hourly, daily, monthly – no hardware required for recording at camera location.
  • Share images – save to computer or Remote Alert account, email, post or print any time stamped dated archived images.
  • Full screen high resolution images – view live streaming video camera footage or high definition megapixel webcam images in true full screen size. Access high definition archived images in full screen size mode – virtual pan tilt and zoom into the high definition megapixel archived images saved on Remote Alert.
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