Robotic PTZ Megapixel Camera Blankets the Jobsite

Our new line of wireless, time-lapse PTZ construction cameras eliminates the need for multiple cameras to capture large jobsites because each camera has the ability to pan, zoom and tilt. This allows you not only to scan the jobsite but to focus closely on any area to see all the details.

These wireless camera systems are available in various megapixels and feature an extremely precise positioning accuracy. This makes the PTZ the first megapixel PTZ system capable of reliably delivering professional-quality time-lapse construction video.

Like all of our camera systems, the PTZ system is fully sealed for outdoor applications (IP67) and is adaptable to a wide range of construction environments. It is cellular-based with an integrated controller, making it autonomous technology that requires no other onsite networks or devices. Solar power stations are also available as an accessory for a completely wireless solution.

The PTZ system supports remote software upgrades to protect and extend the life of the camera. It is a single-source solution that meets the majority of your jobsite documentation requirements. 

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