Rugged, simple and reliable construction camera solutions.


Make implementing professional quality construction cameras easy with ProjectEye’s rugged cellular-based cameras, offered in a range of megapixel resolutions for your specific jobsite needs.


ProjectEye Construction Cameras

The Complete Solution - Designed for construction means ease of use is essential. ProjectEye’s construction cameras are engineered to be a self contained turnkey solution for any jobsite monitoring need. Simple to install and activate, maintenance-free and guaranteed by our warranty.


Megapixel Images
Communicating the big picture is what ProjectEye’s is all about. Select the resolution appropriate for your jobsite, from a single megapixel system for small projects to our multi megapixel system for large construction projects, we offer the image resolution you need.


Cellular Connectivity
Avoid the need for dedicated Internet connections, network cables and the headache of managing remote camera connections by taking advantage of the cellular service provided standard with each ProjectEye’s camera.


Rugged & Maintenance Free
The ProjectEye’s construction camera unit is completely self-contained, requiring only power to operate. It is enclosed in a hardened, weatherproof housing capable of high performance across a wide range of environments.

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